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Our special Vest and Skirt Model Aprons are designed to maximum protection with comfortable usage and maximize weight distribution between the wearer’s shoulders and hips, which helps to significantly eliminate stress on the upper and lower back.
Vest and Skirt Aprons provide greater flexibilty and free movement to user with ergonomic design. Special shoulder pads helps to reducing weight on shoulders. Via overlapping design, our Vest and Skirt Model aprons provide maximum protection while comfortable usage.
We provide Lightweight Lead, Lead-free and Edge Bilayer options of our durable, high quality materials.
• Upon request, product can be produced 0,25 pb,0,35 pb and 0,50 pb.
• Fabric Options and Color Options are available. Also,as a manufacturer we can comprise various combinations as you wish.
• Oley Medikal offers embroidery options to customization.
• Our products are certified with CE and ISO Certifies.

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    Personal Protective Aprons
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